Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today I want to give you a bit of background:
My issues began at the end of 2007. Recently married, I wanted an easier birth control option, a method I didn't have to think about much. I had been on the pill for over a decade and would still forget to take it daily (duh!).

Without doing any research, I went to a gyno a friend recommended. At the time my requirements for a doctor were the ability to get an appointment, and that my insurance was accepted. I found one, and was introduced to the key player to my downward spiral: Nuvaring.

In case you are not familiar with it... NUVARING IS THE DEVIL!!! however, that day it sounded like a miracle: a ring made of a flexible material which you insert into your vagina and replace only ONCE a month. According to the doc, it had very low hormone levels, minor side effects, and "9 out of 10 users recommend it".  She PROMISED I would LOVE it.

It was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! in 15 minutes I was sold, with no further thought I started using it.

Within a few weeks my world was upside down: the weight gain, acne, mood swings, yeast infections, digestive issues, hot flashes, insomnia... anything and everything went off kilter. The changes were subtle at first, very gradual and seemed so unrelated, my only thought was "mom was right, this IS what happens when you hit your 30's *sigh*".

Three months into this ordeal, the symptoms had worsened. I was a different versions of myself: fatter, angrier and very depressed. After much crying and complaining to my nearest and dearest, a good friend suggested that maybe this ring that I SO loved was the one causing "the freak out". I went on the web and did some research, and then it hit me, and boy it hit hard...

The horror stories I read were versions of my own! hundreds, maybe thousands of women in similar, if not worst situations.  Many of them wondering "could it REALLY be the ring??? but my doctor told me I would love it!".

I stopped using it immediately, and then the real journey began. Doctor after doctor told me this was normal, that within a couple of months I would be ok, back to my old self again. This NEVER happened.

I was SO lost. I didn't know where to go! who could "fix me up"??. I felt so betrayed by a system and people we are meant to trust.

Having almost given up and very close to accepting my new reality, the little light bulb turned on: "I WILL figure this out, there HAVE to be answers!". The same way the Internet opened my eyes to the horrors of this hormonal mess, it was also going to show me the way out.

To be continued...


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