Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just 4 years ago I was FREAKING OUT, having gained 15 lbs in a month's time (YIKES!), a face full of adult acne (DOUBLE yikes!), out of proportion boobs and a butt I'd rather not talk about (HOLY yikes!).

This all happened for now apparent reason (or so I thought at the time), without me changing my eating habits or workout regime - though they were nothing to be proud of. It may sound funny now, but it sure as hell wasn't at that time (my poor husband had it even worse with my mood swings, sorry babe!). 

After many years trying to take control of my body and everything else that went haywire when I hit the big 3-0... I finally cracked it! (AKA am managing things very well). 

The results: 15 + pounds DROPPED (like it's hot!), weight is in control, physically fit and strong, adult acne gone, and hormonal balance to the point I can tell you exactly when I'm ovulating and what day I am getting my period (a little TMI?).  I am in the best shape of my life, and look and feel better than in my 20's!

It has been a crazy journey, filled with trials and errors (I've tried everything my friends), full of research and AMAZING people that have educated and guided me throughout the madness (all of which you will get to know about).

So if you can relate even a tiny little bit to my story... if you've feel like you've tried everything and anything...  if you just simply feel lost and tired of IT, please follow along.

Cheers mamasitas! 

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