Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Spring is finally peeking it's little head over here in NYC. The air feels fresh (if not a bit muggy), and the sun is shining (through some rainy clouds, but hey, can't complain),.

This extra long winter was a killer for me, but I have a renewed sense of wanting to be fitter and healthier once again.

Rather than doing something  hard-core like a full on cleanse, I am doing the Elimination Diet this week, just to reset my system and get myself back on track. In essence it isn't really a diet, as so much a list of foods you should exclude, and a list of foods to include in your daily meals.

The foods that are excluded are one's that are highly allergic to a large amount of people (like peanuts and wheat), highly processed foods, alcohol, and other fun stuff we tend to ingest here and there and generally know they are no good to us. The one's to include are veggies, especially leafy greens, fresh fruits and lean protein.

Simple, right? Following these guidelines will help you give your digestive system a break, therefore helping you feel better, lighter and happier.

The guidelines of the Elimination Diet can be found on Dr. Alejandro Junger's site here. Dr. Junger is the creator of the Clean program, an amazing cleanse that resets your body from the inside out. I've tried many things in my life, but this was definitely a life changer and I've recommended it to all my friends. Hey, I believe in it so much I did a testimonial! (kind of embarrassing, but I LOVE to spread the word), and even GP is a fan.

If like me, you are not ready to go full on with the cleanse, start by doing the elimination diet and see how you feel, I promise it will definitely make a change and you WILL feel better.


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