Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before and (almost) After

Day 3 into "bootycamp". Sore and hungry, but feeling great! (I think it's a superhuman / girlpower / I-love-torture kinda thing).

I started this challenge because I have been working out RELIGIOUSLY for the past 9 months, but have been feeling a bit stuck lately.

I'm a visual person. I hate the number on the scale, I need to SEE the change. For progress I go by pictures, by how my clothes fit, and try to see if I'm getting more toned and defined. This can be tricky though, we look at ourselves daily and with a very critical eye, so small every-day changes can go by unnoticed.

On Monday I took some new progress pictures to record where I am now and what I look like. I compared these to my "before" pictures from last August and WOW! I can't believe the changes my body has made. To say the least this has been a great motivator, and made it more exciting to continue.

THE POINT OF THIS POST IS... whatever your goals may be, record a BEFORE by taking a picture or journaling your feelings or making a list of what you wish to accomplish, etc... and put it away. Don't look at it! a few steps into your journey photograph / write / list... what is going on at that moment and compare. This should serve as either encouragement, or as a tool to readjust your process.

Be tough and stick to your plans, but don't be mean to yourself. It's easy to lose track of progress if you don't make it a point to do so.


p.s: I will wait until I reach my next goal to post pics, for better comparison of what happens when you kick it up a notch.

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