Monday, May 9, 2011


Some of you know who the amazing Tracy Anderson is. In case you may not, she is the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM), a training program that not only promises, it GUARANTEES that if you follow through and do the work, your butt (and your arms, belly, thighs) will shrink to it's teaniest-tiniest point.

Sounds too good to be true? well it's not. I am living proof that it works (even though my butt still needs some additional shrinkage).

I met Tracy two years ago, when she led a 2 week program at my local gym. I had no idea who she was, except for the fact that she gave Gwyneth Paltrow that amazing pair of gams for the Iron Man premier (yes, I googled her).

To say that it was hard / weird / f*%#ed up / crazy / painful... yet fun to complete this challenge is an understatement. To confirm that I lost 27" off my body and dropped 14lbs is amazing. I believe I am not alone when I say that the reason why I, along with twenty other crazy ladies went through with it, is because that first day, when Tracy walked in the room, she looked at each of us in the eye and PROMISED we would all change. And we believed her.

Talk about a life changing experience! Since then I have been a loyal follower. Last August I was fortunate enough to become a member in her TriBeca studio, here in NYC, and things have gotten better, tighter and smaller ever since.

I've decided to join my TAM friend Laura Stroud on a bootcamp challenge...or how I like to call it: "bootYcamp" (get it?).

Laura will be following the "Tracy Anderson 30-day Method" by the book. She has already completed this once before with great succes, and it's ready to give it another go. She has inspired me so much with her commitment and amazing results, that I will be doing my own version by doing my workouts at the studio, with the addition of this time following the diet (I HATE diets!).

I will keep you posted with development worth documenting, and will post a before and after picture when I'm done.


p.s: Tracy also has new program called "metamorphosis", it looks amazing! I suggest doing the book first as a kickstart, it will shock your body and prepare it for moving on to the new stuff.

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Nomadic D. said...

Congratulations on your weightloss! Those are some amazing numbers! I found your blog through your comments on Garance Dore, and I really like your positive motivational tone. The salad video was pretty fun too.