Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Do or Do Not... There Is No Try".

When we hit our thirties the "uphill battle" with our body begins. If we come to terms with this fact, we have better chances of preventing the bloodshed, or if we're already in it, wining the fight.

In my darkest moments I was full of self doubt. I had tried so many doctors, natural remedies, diets, workouts... and nothing worked! At one point I decided to accept that "this is what happens when your 30". I was going to let things run their course and hope for the best. I (almost) gave up TONS of times, but I kept pushing.

We're going against mother nature here, you have to respect her and understand her and in turn she will reciprocate. Once you get the basics down and follow through it all gets easier. It is a journey, there will be ups and downs, but as long as you set realistic goals, are true to yourself, and hold yourself accountable, it will become normal and maybe even fun.

You WILL get results, whatever you decide to try. There's only one catch... YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK.


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Rita said...

i have never felt so confortable in my own skin...embracing your 30's is the healthiest way possible to start..secondly by trying and putting in the's not trial and error; it;s trial and finding more and more about oneself without being hard on yourself..that's def the key!