Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Once you deicide to embark on a new journey or adopt healthy habits, you have to stay consistent.

At the start of something new, things always seem exciting: deciding to do it, planning it out, setting the goals... it's like having a new boyfriend! (or girlfriend, if any guys apart from my husband are reading this). The problem is we tend to set unrealistic deadlines for the "transformation" to be completed.

You have to make it a habit for it to work. It has to be part of your daily routine.  You need to respect the time and effort needed in order to see true, long lasting results.

Sometimes life gets in the way, other days you may get bored, and on occasion you may get frustrated and want to drop it, but just . keep . going.

Focus on the smaller victories, not on what you have yet to achieve.

Be kind to yourself and give it your best.

Make a promise with a realistic timeline, listen to your body and take a little break if  and when needed, but just get back on track and continue on your path.

Simply be your best, for yourself, and be proud.


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