Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Salads are Cool!"

Salads can be a perfect, complete meal, if you make them right.

Surprisingly, most of us end to go about constructing a salad the wrong way, especially when ordering at a restaurant or a salad bar. Croutons and bacon bits with creamy ranch dressing sure taste good, but a good salad they DO NOT make.

Narrow it down to leafy greens, some cooked veggies, a good lean protein and a few nuts, add a splash of a clean simple dressing (olive oil and lemon with a dash of mustard and a few anchovies being my personal fave), and you're on the money!

Here is a great short video from the wonderful Jaime Oliver, explaining how to build a perfect salad.

A few tips:
- Just because it's salad, doesn't mean you should eat a bucket of it! Stay within the serving sizes I've described in my previous post. After all, the roughage takes up a lot of space in your stomach.
- Keep the dressing to a coule of tablespoons, and dress your salad just before serving.
- Try to eat at least one salad a day. If it's cold or you're simply not in the mood, try a warm salad instead (switch the leafy greens for warm cooked veggies with a small handfull of leafy greens + the other components).

If you're in a pinch, or want a surefire way to have all your nutrients in one bang, give a good salad a try.


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