Monday, May 2, 2011


Simple statement. Very true.

Several friends that have been following my blog (thanks!) have made the same observation: they feel that adopting a healthier lifestyle means making a lot of (too many) changes to your daily habits all at once. While this is somewhat true, you can choose to do things one step at a time.

A few years ago, when I realized I had to make some changes myself, I tried to do everything together: I started working out regularly, overhauled my diet, eliminated all "bad" habits like smoking and drinking, tried to go to bed early, etc... Let me tell you, it did not work out. Those who know me well know that when I get into something , I dive in head first. I'm pretty intense and take things VERY seriously and try to understand the in's and out's, the how's and why's. I nearly drove myself (and my dear husband) crazy!

It wasn't until I decided that I would try one or  two things at a time that things started to improve. First item on my list: to drink more water. I've written about this before, how as simple as it seems it is one of the habits most easily overlooked.  I figured if I drank one full glass every hour, I would meet the "8 glass" requirement for the day, and I did.

Once I got that down, I chose to cut out coffee.. somewhere in between I started working out... shortly after I picked up taking a daily vitamin every day... then I learned that gluten isn't that great and I cut that out... simple things, one by one.

We tend to be either too loose, or too tough on ourselves, often demanding too much or not enough. Be kind to yourself, understand that you've lived your life a certain way for MANY years, and you cannot try to change everything overnight. Commit to improving yourself, your health and your quality of life, and everything will fall into place.



Rita said...

Mind over Matter!! it's worked for me! ;-)

Maria Pia said...

Cheers! I started with the water and the most difficult one...try to cut down on the alcohol :S
Thanks Pao ;)